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Makeup Madness

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

How on earth are you supposed to choose a makeup look for your big day?! I mean, seriously?! You get on Pinterest and type in bridal makeup looks and receive an overflow of thousands upon thousands of gorgeous makeup looks! How do you narrow down what will look best on you?! Here are a few helpful tips to narrow down your search and relieve a little bit of the stress.

Search by eye color

Remember when you were in art class as a kid and learned about the color wheel? Same rules apply to makeup! What is your eye color? Now take a look at a color wheel and find the complimentary color or the color directly across from that color on the wheel. These colors are going to be the ones that make your eyes pop the most! Try looking up keyword such as "makeup for brown eyes"

Blue Eyes - For a glam bridal look on brown eyes try some neutral tones with a pop of gold.

Green Eyes - Go with some warmer colors with underlying tones of red or a pop of rose gold. Warmer browns will look great against the green.

Brown Eyes - You're in the neutral zone and can pull off a lot of different looks. For bridal we recommend going with some pinks or rose gold with neutrals for an elegant look.

Look up makeup your skin tone

Your skin tone will also play into factor as to what will look best. Don't know if you are warm, neutral or cool tone? Look at the veins on your wrist. If your veins are more blue you will fall on the more cool toned skin. If your veins appear more of a green color your skin tone is on the warmer side. Purple color veins are going to put you in the neutral zone. Your skin tone will not only affect the colors you want to choose for your eye makeup but also your blush color. If you are on the cooler end you will look best with a pinker blush, whereas the warmer end looks better with blush with a more bronze undertone.

How do you normally wear your makeup?

Do you normally wear more natural makeup or a glamorous smokey eye with a wing? You want to go with a similar look to what you wear every day but a little bit extra. If you normally don't wear heavy eye liner then don't choose a look with a wing or a lot of liner for your big day. Go with a more natural smokey eye and some lashes to make it pop! When you look back on your wedding photos you don't want to feel like it doesn't look like you. The point of your makeup should be to enhance your natural beauty not completely change your entire face.

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