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Tips for a smooth wedding day

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Your wedding day is approaching and you want to make sure every detail is ironed out. You have all vendors booked and a time line with a plan but some times that plan doesn't always run as smoothly as you would like. Here are our tips on how to start the day out on the right foot with your hair and makeup appointments.

Make sure every one is there from the start

When you book your hair and makeup and your stylist has a final schedule for your day ask them what the start time is for the hair and makeup. Have everyone be there from the beginning in stead of at their "appointment time". This will help the morning run much smoother and help stylists save your time by being able to quickly transition from one person to the next.

Make sure everyone knows the order of appointments

When everyone knows the order of when they are supposed to be having their hair or makeup done they can be sure to watch and know when they need to ready. If everyone is ready when it is their turn the morning will be a lot less stressful for everyone involved. Be sure everyone is completely ready, dressed in what they will be having hair/makeup done in, teeth brushed, and whatever other little things they want to have done before they begin services.

Have everyone show up with day 2 hair

Be sure to tell your bridal party to have day 2 hair. Washing their hair the day of the wedding will make it harder for their hair to maintain a style. Don't forget to remind everyone that showing up with wet hair can delay service times and if their stylist has to blow their hair out they may charge extra money.

Make sure everyone has a clean face

Before each bridal party member sits down for their makeup have them wash their face or remove any left over makeup. This is a big time saver for your makeup artist.

Have everything you need when you sit down

Before sitting down to have your hair or makeup done make sure you have everything you need for that service. Do you have inspiration photos? Maybe a hair piece? Be sure you have your phone ready with your photos and any accessories in hand that will be incorporated into your style. This prevents too much up and down or running back and forth in the middle of your service.

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