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What do I do with my hair?!

How to style your hair on your wedding day is a huge decision. It will be in every photo you look back on. Should you go with an elegant updo? Something messy? What about down? Here are a few things to consider when choosing a hair style for your big day.


The Weather

If your wedding is during a summer month or where you live or are having your wedding is a hot or humid place you may want to consider an up do. There are so many different fun styles you can do with your hair up. If the weather is going to be hot you will be much more comfortable with it off your neck. There is also less risk of all those beautiful curls falling flat during the humid and sticky heat. There are so many ways to customize an up do to your personal style.

Your Dress

If your dress has a lot of intricate detailing or lace up higher you may want to throw your hair up for the big day. Wearing your hair down will hide some of that detailing. If you have a strapless dress or a low back then down or half down may be the way to go! This will add a little extra detailing in the blank space.

Your Hair Accessories

Do you plan on wearing a veil? Or maybe you custom ordered a hair piece? Extra flowers from your florist are always a nice touch to finish off your style! These are all things to consider when choosing your hair style. You want to be sure the hair accessory you choose can be easily incorporated in to the hair style. Try looking up different hair styles with similar accessories to yours online for inspiration.

How you normally style your hair?

If you are a person who is uncomfortable with your hair up then down may be the way to go and vice versa. If you want your hair up do to other reasons - such as the weather or your dress, but don't normally wear it back - try having your stylist leave some wispy face framing pieces down or pull the hair back looser and lower. Look up different styles both up and down on people with similar face shapes and hair color to yours so you can get an idea of what you may look like. Setting up a hair trial is also a great way to play around and see what you may be uncomfortable with when it comes to you style.

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